Current SUNDAY MORNING schedule:

Sunday School:

9:45 – 10:45 am

New SUNDAY NIGHT schedule:

On the first Sunday of the month (September 3)  we will having Big Group meeting at the church 4:30pm – 7:30pm. Parents are encouraged to come to this meeting. We will have games and dinner and will introduce our topic of the month which is “Family”.

On the 2nd Sunday of the Month (September 10) Students will go straight to their houses for meeting. No meeting at the church, just meet at the houses at 4:30pm. Students are encouraged to bring their own dinner with them this week. Small group leaders will discuss with their groups how they want to do dinners moving forward and will reach out to you. All locations are 3 miles or less from the church.

  • High School Boys go to the Deetz’s house 10920 Buggy Whip Dr. Jacksonville, Fl. 32257. The teachers are Chad Deetz, Chris Mathis and Cody Rollins.
  • High School Girls go to Tiffany Davis’ house 11466 Stinger Way Jacksonville, Florida 32223. The teachers are Tiffany Davis, Taylor Mathis and Emily Rollins.
  • Middle School Boys go to the Frutchey’s house 4572 Carolyn Cove Ln N. Jacksonville, Florida. 32258. The teachers are Burt Robinson, Tommy Walker, Mike Curry and Dillon Frutchey
  • Middle School Girls go to the Olson’s house 11425 Beecher Cir. E. Jacksonville, Florida 32223. The teachers are Diane Curry, Amy Bolen and Shelley Anderson.
On September 17 students would under normal schedule go to the houses again, but everyone will be headed to the church for the big Pumpkin Patch Meeting at 5:30pm.
On The 4th Sunday (September 24) We will meet at the church at 4:30pm to go out and do missions as a group in the community. Parents are invited to join us as well.
I know this new structure will take some getting used to. Please give it a try and encourage your student to give it a try. We ultimately feel this structure will help students grow and will provide a whole range of interaction for the students. Students have reacted well to small groups and requested mission opportunities. We feel like this is an opportunity to help students connect, being off campus should create an attitude of freedom to discuss topics in a relaxed environment and connect to each other. We also feel that this is an opportunity for parents to know the topics that their students are discussing and  hopefully carry on that discussion. Please give this structure a try if you have any questions please feel free to contact Chad.